10 Random Things…

 Came across one of these “forms” on another blog and decided to partake in revealing some of my most “Random Things”, just because..

Because anonymity is one of my best friends which seems almost selfish not to share.. just a little…

*I don’t have a home.. not really.. we rent an apartment in a city that we sleep and live in, however, if one were to ask me,”Where is your home?” My general response is,”I’m from a lot of places, and well, I just haven’t settled my roots just yet, but I’ll keep you informed when we find a place where we can officially call home!”

*I’m OBSESSED with flossing my teeth! I am so self conscious I will break out the ol’ waxy string in a restaurant if I feel I have something in my teeth.

*I change hobbies like I change my pants.. I know that may not be healthy, but hey… Life is too short! And plus, I recycle, reuse, and reduce… So, if I’ve left one hobby for too long, I end up picking it back up within a year or so.. 🙂

*I LOVE to play the piano and I play quite well.. I have been playing since I was four. I, however, am completely perplexed by the guitar. I thought they were “practically the same instrument”!

*I collect charms where ever I go as souvenirs. They are little trinkets I can take anywhere on the cusp of my wrist.

*I’m a book hoarder. I irrevocably and unequivocally LOVE books! Thanks to Kindle, I can carry an endless supply where ever I go.. But I secretly LOVE the real thing between my fingers tips.

*I take mental vacations almost everyday! Most of the time I’m in Europe sauntering the Mediterranean or strolling the streets of Italy. When it’s cloudy and raining; my mind is lounging at the beach.

*I prefer fruit over flowers. For some reason, flowers imply,”I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

*When people ask me,”Where are you from?”, my normal response is,”The Land of Fruits and Nuts!”