German Town Fun!

Last weekend we engaged an incredible excursion at one of my adored diminutive districts: Leavenworth, aka, Bavarian Town or what I refer to as German Town!

This place is Charming! Bursting with an indescribable ambiance of merry time, sausage, pretzels, pastries, and my betrothed: German BEER!Wonderful beer, delectable ale, luscious, creamy, oh so del-ish Hefeweizen!

It’s no surprise we encountered two days filled with leisurely shopping, eating, and yes, drinking. Though I have yet to journey Europe; I can only presume this quaint petite dwelling is as captivating as the real Germany.


Now that’s what I call scenery!

It does get any better!

Bavarian shopping

Leavenworth Town Square

Delectable Pastries!

Which one to eat first.. Hmm..

Nothing like ending a marvelous day with spirits and shopping!

It’s nice to indulge every now and again.. And though I was completely gluttonous for two days – it was well worth it! Time to get back to the gym!