Go Gently into that good night..


Go gently into that good night,
Old age should pass peacefully;
Ascend serenely into the rapturous light.

Wise a man you are Ricardo, know light is right.
You sail into transcendence through Heaven’s channel
to the quiet glide of that good night.

Your canvas is clear, white, and bright.
May your slumber paint the tranquility,
of birds, cats, and beautiful women in the luminous light.

May God, all angels, and family envelop you in flight,
To navigate into paradise.
Glide gently into that good night.

As I wave farewell to my father Ricardo on the shores of this sad height,
God bless me now with Your gentle peace as You
Take Ricardo tenderly into that good night.

Ascend serenely, Ricardo, into Heaven’s rapturous light.

I love you Ricardo! RIP – 1939- 2015.
-Written with Love by Me