We only get one chance at life.

It is not something we can redo, so we should make sure the first go around is remarkable. It is not God’s will that we merely exist and try to make it through each day. He wants us to live joyfully and expectantly, and to experience happiness.

To be your best,  we must love and enjoy today, make the most of every moment, and look forward with passion and confidence to the great future God has in store for us as we embrace our tomorrows. Hopefully, our new found happiness will rub off on people around us – and eventually, the entire world will be a better place!

The world is looking for something REAL, something TANGIBLE – for unconditional love.. and yes, this quest I am slowly traversing in pursuit for my own love and happiness.. and it starts with God.

This notion somehow evokes something so powerful deep inside my bones.

Daily, I find myself stumbling upon what I like to call my “God Moments”. For some inexplicable reason {I know he loves me:)} I seem to experience what I deem priceless moments in time. Whether a fortuitous friendly encounter, a beautiful scenic view that leaves me speechless, or something so silly I laugh till it hurts. I believe these are all apart of God’s moments in revealing His love. God wants us to be happy. He loves us with every breath in Him and He will move heaven and earth to prove it. Everyday I open my eyes {On Purpose} to the unequivocally beautiful and perpetual love God bestows upon me.

Just as God keep tracks of all of my positives, I keep track of His (Ha! He doesn’t have any negatives!). Comprised are a collection of {God Moments} which fills my walk with Him.