Physical Wellness

Physical-Wellness-Definition-WebHappy Mardi Gras! We are into our second phase of wellness: Physical Wellness. I find this facet a rather precarious topic because depending on the individual, the physical element is quite diverse and can be wholly contradicting.

You can rest assured in one fact: I will suppress discussing my own unique physical wellness. I recognize it is not designed for everyone; it was designed explicitly for me and by me. Feel free to ask any questions about my physical wellness, however, concede my guidelines have been methodically established exclusively for me and over the course of 15 plus years. 

To the best of my abilities, physical wellness will be dissected through an objective view; analyzing it in critical detail and from a diverse point of view. In honor of Fat Tuesday, let this phase begin! 🙂

As we have established in my aforementioned posts, mental wellness begins in our minds. Now we will bring focus to our bodies. Physical health is the emphasis of bodily progression, acquiring attentive decisions and behaviors in which our bodies reap specific BENEFITS. I am fixating on the word benefits because its very definition is quite vague.

Two questions come to mind when determining our physical wellness:

  1. How can I isolate/identify what MY correct physical wellness plan is? AND
  2. What steps should I take to get there?

These answers are entirely exclusive to you. Paying particular attention to which “habits” works best for you is key to optimal physical wellness. The University of California, Riverside defines physical wellness as “the ability to maintain a quality of life reducing and/or eliminating fatigue and physical stress.” (UCR, n.d)

Attributes such as consuming healthy food, maintaining a conducive lifestyle, daily movement (yes that means some form of “exercise”), etc. all contribute to physical health; deciphering which combination/plan can only be decided by you.

Negating all circumstances, food, substances, sickness, and behaviors which detract from one’s own personal physical health and recognizing such actions/habits influence our physical wellbeing which contributes to physical wellness. This includes but is not limited to behaviors such as smoking, (excessive) alcohol consumption (yes, I said it), unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyle, narcotics, not getting enough sleep and/or food, getting too much sleep and/or food, etc., can potentially contradict the essence of physical health and should be addressed/modified accordingly. (Don’t be afraid to the see the doctor, for any questions, concerns, or opinions about your own physical wellness.)

If you do not know where to begin on physical wellness, take inventory and figure out a few questions:

  1. What are my physical wellness goals?
  2. What is my physical activity level? Am I satisfied? Do I need to make any modifications? (I will discuss this in further detail later into the week.)
  3. Is my nutrition working for me? Am I satisfied with how my body feels (energetic, content, satiated, strong) with my current nutrition plan? Am I satisfied with how my body appears (Love my curves/skin I’m in) with my current nutrition plan? Are there any restrictions to my diet due to allergies, intolerance, etc.?
  4. How can I optimize my overall health to ensure less illness? (Please do not mistaken this for the absence of disease, biological, neurological issues. I will discuss this in further detail later into the week.)
  5. Am I getting ample sleep? If not, what can I do/eliminate from my life to ensure optimal sleep? Am I getting a full, undisturbed night of sleep, or is my sleep inconsistent?
  6. Am I loving my body the way it should be? Do I need to eliminate any threats which posses the health of my body?
  7. Am I taking proactive preventative measures to ensure supreme contentment of my physical state?

There are no “right or wrong” answers and only you can answer these questions. The objective is to achieve a state of contentment with your physical state. I believe this is called healthy self love. Do yourself a favor. Make sure you love yourself more.

If you have any other suggestions, comments, or questions, please let me know! Wellness is a journey which can be adventured together. :)

Stay tuned! Theres more on this topic next time!

XOXO – Me 😉

Written By Pearly Anchor.



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