Week 1: Psychological Wellness – Music Intervention

Music BrainSo I’m driving down the road today, jamming to my newly acquired album: Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind (GREAT ALBUM BTW), when it dawns on me…

Charlie Puth: Nine Track Mind

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Charlie Puth or his record company. I am not getting paid to write this post nor promote Charlie Puth. I am simply a fan.)

I’m feeding into my psychological wellness through music.

Something so small can evoke such powerful dynamics. Certain neurological and chemical reactions occur at just the sound of music. Depending on the individual, these reactions differentiate (based on preference), but the end goal is the same: we react. 
Music is a powerful tool in contributing to our mental well being. We listen to music when we are happy, sad, cleaning, dancing, relaxing, and so on. It gets our juices flowing and calms us under pressure or stress.
Now, I’m no expert, but I am happy to share some wonderful links from some.
I have comprised a list of some of my favorite reads from reputable sources which explains the correlation of music and our own psychological wellness.
So next time you feel like eliciting a particular mood, or perhaps trying to to get out of that funk; try listening to something that speaks to you. It just may change the way you feel from inside out! 😉

If you have any other suggestions, comments, or questions, please let me know! Wellness is a journey which can be adventured together. 🙂


Stay tuned! Theres more on this topic next time!



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