Steppin’ Out| 6.2.2012

This weekend was {Fabulous!!~!} we zoomed around Lake Washington, relished in a savory dinner and caught a flick at one of our most fancied {Date Night Hot Spots}! Between our recent trips from Vegas, to Reno, and everywhere in between, this past month has been quite adventurous, which has left sparse romantic alone time with the man I love =) This being our first “real” date in, well, FOREVER, it lived quite well to my expectations; surpassing it. So, settling back into our proverbial tradition, I marvel in our lovely {Dinner and a Movie Date Night} because I love my man, more than he could ever know! ;D With that said, we cruised mid afternoon, set the intermittent sun lighting our road, hair flying in the wind, down to the Landing. It’s a stunning drive with the sun illuminating Lake Washington and a quaint little community at the Landing, centralized for shopping, dining, and a good old fashioned moved!


Yes, this is our baby.. Vroom Vrooom!

MoniBella Boutique Earrings made by {ME}

{Head to Toe}

Mossimo Sunglasses from Target

Starfish Necklace from Macy’s

Abercrombie and Fitch White Shirt and Navy Sweater from A&F

Lucky Brand Jeans from Lucky Brand Store

Sofft Kitten Heels from a Vintage Shop

Guess Black Faux Alligator Handbag, yup! I got it from Ross!

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