Subway {MY} way!

Subway happens to be one of my favorite spots to eat outside of my kitchen (with the exception of In&Out and Starbucks!)

Subway contains an array of hearty sandwiches, pizzas, soups, and even deserts! I love their teas, healthy snacks and naughty chips to get my fix any day of the week. Whether it’s Funday Sunday cheat day or strictly business with my go to; Subway is one of my favorite chains!

While their sandwiches are filled with healthy choices, I am not a big fan of how caloric some sandwiches can get (the pastrami on herb and cheese – one of my sinful delights!) But have no fear! I have found a cheat method to get around some of those empty calories on strict days when cheating is not allowed!

Behold – the picture above is the epitome of health shown in a healthy egg white patty with black forest ham, tomatoes, green peppers, red opinions, and cheese all nestled into this seemingly harmless flat bread. Lets assume there is a few stripes of sauce, as many people elect, to give a little more flavor.

Lets examine the nutrition involved. Beside are the specs of this picture broken down in accordance to Subway ©.

With 21 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat (in which 3.5 are saturated), and 100 calories of fat compared to the 370 calories in this whole sandwich. Now, this is a pretty impressive sandwich in comparison to some of the other ones out there – such as at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and even Arby’s! So it appears we are in good shape. BUT – if you are like me, who needs to conserve every single calorie since my basal metabolic rate is so low. I also {LOVE} to eat! I have a love/love relationship with food (as I believe EVERYONE should), so my choices needs to be methodical and well planned out.

I decided to CHEAT the system. I want to consume as many nutritionally dense calories to allow more food to consume. Who says I should be restricted to three meals a day? In reality – I eat 5-6 meals a day. This means I need these meals to be between 200-300 calories at each meal to ensure I do not go over. (yes, this may seem drastic, but I love being fit, and I love to look good without any sacrifices. I literally have my cake and eat it too!) I devised a way to eat this sandwich while shaving half the calories and still feel satiated without consuming extra calories.  How do I do this? EASY! I keep EVERYTHING (yes, even the cheese) except the bread and sauce. You will be amazed how much one DOESN’T need sauce when you take the bread out of the equation. Instead, I opt for salt and pepper which highlights all those yummy veggies without sacrificing calories. Plus, the cheese adds more flavor!

Below is my version of this sandwich. Proof is in the pudding. I have broken up each ingredient to create my own meal – al la carte! All that has changed is omitting the bread and sauce.

Subway Myway

And here is it. With 16 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat  and a mere 5 grams of carbs in this whole sandwich! This literally shaves the nutritional value in half to ensure optimum nutrition!!~! This means I can have an apple or carrots or some other healthy nutritiously dense food in conjunction to create a complete meal! Adding a bag of apple slices at 35 calories and a cup of vegetable beef or minestrone for 90 calories (each) and you’ve got yourself a great soup, fruit, and “sandwich” meal all for 287 calories. That’s 83 calories LESS than just the six inch sandwich pictured above.

So there you have it. My cheat methods at Subway on my non cheat days!

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