The Conversation

 Many people today are placed under the gigantic microscope in society; physically dissected and emotionally torn apart.

It is critical to discern that one’s self worth and beauty lies not in an aesthetic disposition, but in one’s character and work. Because one’s judgement is a direct reflection of their own disposition, why, especially women, do we define our value and worth on such flimsy views?

Though obtaining HEALTHY beauty is acceptable, basing one’s worth upon outward appearances is completely misogynist.

It’s through the invention and encouragement of the men, and especially the women, who have lowered themselves to such a level in conducting and facilitating such fiendish behavior of judgement. Their dejected self image transposed onto others through unjust opinions is absolutely unacceptable and one of the root causes of insufficient self worth in society today.

I applaud Ashley Judd for taking a stance against ill judgements passed unto her. She pushed back in her own fight against those who have demoralized her and others of all kind.