Wellness 101

Wellness 101 begins!

I decided I would deliver a series on wellness based off of my own wisdom and extensive research from accredited references. Since it takes 21 days to form a habit; either you will be jumping for joy on the wellness band wagon with me, or suddenly remembering your New Years Resolutions got thrown out the window a few weeks in.

At any rate, I’ve devised a 6 week “study aid” to help spread the word about wellness and start the 2016 with a BANG! 🙂 Now, I realize I am NOT a medical/health professional, or wellness coach; but I am a wellness advocate. Please feel free to join in and give your take/experience/expertise on any of the topics I cover. The purpose for this series is to educate and encourage people who are interested in learning and/or incorporating wellness into their own lives. I invite you to embark a journey through wellness and discover how it can enrich your life.

“Well, what is wellness?”, one may ponder.. Wellness is truly a lifestyle. It’s a preferred methodical regimen constructed for the physical, mental, and spiritual advantage precisely for prime development.

Wellness is comprised of six facets: Psychological , Physical, Spiritual, Social, Intellectual, and Environmental. It is the premeditative projection and execution of a plan intended to attain the utmost aptitude. This is the epitome of wellness.

Health and joy is not a mere notion, it is a verb; very present and conscious to the individual. By combining mind, body and spirit into this design, one can fuse wellness in all aspects of their life. Through conscious choice; every impulse, thought, feeling, and action to one’s optimal wellness standard can impact their own condition and those around them.

Wellness is as unique as the individual who partakes. No two people will ever have the same “wellness plan”, because there are no two people who are identical in every aspect. I can guarantee my wellness will assuredly differ than yours. It’s about listening to your body, mind, and spirit to apply core tenets which are AUTHENTICALLY you.

This week (Jan 28 – Feb 4) I’ll touch on psychological wellness and the importance of this foundation. Because it’s “all in your head”; I will start with what I concede the most important of all facets.

Psychological wellness entails the acceptance of emotional and mental states of thoughts and feelings for ourselves and others around us. It helps us cope with challenges that may rise. Because stress takes tolls on our mental and physical health, it is important to take measures to bring about optimal personal psychological wellness. These factors are based off of cognitive and biological influences; finding yours might take trial and error. As we age, grow, etc; these standards might change – be open to your own mental evolution and love yourself for the person you authentically are.

If you do not know where to begin on psychological wellness, take inventory and figure out a few questions:

  1. How can I tap into my fullest potential?
  2. What are the mechanisms I use to cope with life’s trials and tribulations? Am I benefitting from these mechanisms- Are they working for me?
  3. What is my definition of success and how can I attain it?
  4. Do I have a positive/healthy self image? If not, why? How can I achieve this?

There are no “right or wrong” answers and only you can answer these questions. The objective is to achieve a state of contentment with your mental state. I believe this is called healthy self love. Do yourself a favor. Make sure you love yourself more.

Now, I am not referring to vanity, but ensure your psychological wellness is a positive influence in your life. I started with this tenet to ensure a strong foundation for the corresponding facets to be built on. One must possess a healthy measure of self love in order to love anything else in life. Lets start from the inside and work our way out.

For further insight, this is great read from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. http://www.mentalhealth.gov/basics/what-is-mental-health/index.html

If you have any other suggestions, comments, or questions, please let me know! Wellness is a journey which can be adventured together. 🙂

Stay tuned! Theres more on this topic next time!

XOXO – Me 😉

Written By Pearly Anchor.


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